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            Andalink User Manual

            Welcome to the Andalink! Please use the table of contents above to skip to different sections. 

            What is Andalink?

            A secure, cloud based software that bridges the Prodigy 3 with a state-of-the-art data management system. With Andalink, company and OH&S managers can view, download, and manage reports for their employees alcohol results. Read more about it here:

            Your Andalink account

            When you first receive your Andalink-compatible device from us, our technicians would have already created your Andalink account and synced your device to your account. 

            We would also have included a letter with your Andalink login details. Please check that letter or contact us if you did not receive this.

            How to log in to Andalink

            2. Log in with your email address (username) and password.

            Don't know your email address / username and password? 

            If you are logging in for the first time or have just received your Prodigy 3, our technician would have included a printed letter stating your username and password.

            You would also have received an email from "Andatech Andalink" to verify your email address. Please click the button there to verify your email address.

            If you did not receive either of this, please contact us for assistance.

            3. (For first time users) Read through and tick the checkbox to accept the site's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Then click Accept & Continue.

            4. Once you've successfully logged in, you will be greeted by the Andalink Dashboard.

            If this is your first time logging in, please change your password to something more secure. (Change password instructions below)

            View devices

            Click on Devices to view your registered devices. 

            The devices would have been added to your Andalink account by our technician at the time of your purchase. 

            If you do not see any devices in the table, please contact us.

            View test results 

            Click on Test Results to view all the test results from your devices. 

            If you do not see any test results on this page, it would be because there are no tests completed on your registered device yet. 

            Take a test on your device, and the test results will be synced to the Andalink in a few moments.
            Click on any test result to view the details for that test. It will look something like this: 

            Print test results

            1. Click on the  button on an individual test results page to print the result.

            2. Depending on your browser or computer settings, you will be able to print the result in a single page format on PDF (to save on your computer) or to a printer.

            Example: Chrome browser

            Example: Firefox browser

            Export test results

            1. Under Test Results, click on the Export button 

            2. Select the devices that you want to export the results for. The test results for that device will load on the table below.

            3. On the list of test results, use the checkboxes to select which test results to export. Then click Submit.

            4. Click Export on the pop up to confirm

            5. Click on the downloaded CSV file to open it:

            6. The data you selected will appear in the file in this format:

            Edit profile

            1. Click on Profile

            2. Hover your mouse over the   icon and then select  from the drop down menu.

            3. You can change all the details in your profile except for your login username and email address. 

            4. Click the SUBMIT button to save your changes.

            Change password

            1. Click on Profile

            2. Hover your mouse over the   icon and then select  from the drop down menu.

            3. On the pop up, enter your new password twice to confirm, then click SUBMIT to save the changes.

            Troubleshooting guide

            Some fields not showing up in test results

            The mandatory fields that will show up in all Prodigy 3 test results are:
            1. device name and serial number
            2. test result
            3. test / record time
            4. record date
            5. record number
            6. test mode
            7. GPS location (only if the test location is outdoors and the GPS is enabled)
            8. result image
            All other fields need to be manually completed before the test is taken. This includes the testee name, location, car number plate, police (tester) name, police number, and driving license number. Therefore, if the person taking the test does not fill in these fields on the Prodigy 3, they will appear blank in the test result page on Andalink.

            If you are taking a test indoors, the GPS location tracking will not be enabled and the GPS location field will be blank

            Forgot my password or username

            Click on the forgot password / forgot username link on the Andalink login page and follow the prompts.

            Further assistance

            If you require any assistance with your device and Andalink, please contact us by phone at 1300 800 200 (Australia wide) / +613 8899 6900 (International) or by email.

            Updated: 18 Jul 2019 12:19 PM
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