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            Andatech Sentry Software Installation Guide


            Baton Breathalyser

            Software Installation Guide

            1. Download and install software

            Download the latest software version from the product page here -

            Install following the steps below

            The software shortcuts will be created on your desktop.

            Note - if your PC is operating on Vista or Windows 7, please continue with the directions below.  If not, you can skip to the next section on driver installation.

                 Right Click on the MAX30 software

            Click “OK” after checking the two checkboxes as shown

            2. Install the driver

            Connect the Sentry to the PC using the provided USB cable

            Switch on the Sentry (press the power button)

            Screen will display “USb” when successfully connected

            Method 1 - Search automatically for the driver

            Method 2 - Manually search for the driver

            Go to Control Panel

            Start the Update Driver Software (Repeat the steps from Method 1)

            Updated: 01 Apr 2019 04:46 PM
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