Awesome! You don't have to do anything until your next calibration is due.

Here's what usually happens after you buy a plan:

1) Order confirmation email - You'll receive an order confirmation email almost immediately in your email inbox. If you didn't receive this, please check your junk mail as system-automated emails sometimes end up there.

2) Successful setup email - Within the next business day, someone from our team will email you with a confirmation that your management plan has been set up. If you did not receive this after 2 business days, do let us know so we can check this for you.

3) Calibration due - Roughly 2 weeks before your calibration is due, we will send you an email asking you to confirm that your shipping address is correct. Once this is confirmed, we will send the return label (via email) or the calibrated sensor* (by post) out to you.

  • Calibration is due every 6 months, starting from the date of purchase or your last calibration date.
  • Therefore, if your unit was calibrated or purchased MORE than 6 months ago, then we will email the return label or mail out the calibrated sensor* to you under the management plan almost immediately after it's been set up.

*Calibrated sensors are part of the Zenith sensor replacement plan and Wall-mounted Breathalyser Gold management plan.