Both saliva test kits and urine test kits have their advantages and disadvantages. Which type of drug test kit you choose is dependent on your requirements. 

Below is a very brief overview of the differences between saliva drug testing kits and urine drug testing kits and which one you should opt for:

Saliva / Oral drug test kitsUrine drug test kits

Detects recent drug use and current impairment

Detects past drug use detection even after drug effects have worn off

Short detection window (1~2 days, depending on the type of drug)

Long detection window (12 hours ~ 12 days, depending on the type of drug)

Some drugs may still be affecting the individual after it becomes undetectable in oral fluid

Commonly used to detect drug traces within the past week

Less invasive; Easy sample collection

More invasive; Requires facilities for sample collection to avoid sample adulteration.

Target drugs and metabolites are present in oral fluid at lower concentrations compared to urine, making them harder to detect.

Target drugs and metabolites are concentrated in the urine by the body as waste, and so are present in fairly high concentrations

Most often used by employers, courts, and law enforcement agencies