Yes, you can. Please take note of our address and opening hours below.

We also recommend that you book your unit in for a calibration on Caltrace prior to dropping it off for a smoother process. 

We also have some walk-in management plans for calibrations as well - do enquire with reception to enjoy yearly savings!

Calibration drop-off during business hours

Address: 9 Trade Place, Vermont VIC 3133

Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Closed on VIC public holidays

Calibration drop-off outside of business hours

If the office is closed, there will be a sign on the glass window about the Andatech Drop Off Box located behind, next to the letterbox.

Look towards the entrance of the office - there will be this box behind the letterbox.

Open the top lid of the drop-off box.

There will be a clear folder under the lid containing zip lock bags, drop-off forms and a pen.

  1. Take 1 form and fill in your details.
  2. Take 1 zip lock bag and insert your breathalyser and the filled up form.
  3. Seal the zip lock bag and drop it into the parcels slot 

Note: The bottom of the parcel box is padded so don’t worry about your breathalyser being damaged!