Possible Cause :

Too much dust has accumulated on the collection blades or ionising wire

Solution 1:

Turn off the unit, unplug and clean the collection blades and ionizing wire thoroughly. Clean the wires with rubbing alcohol.


Solution 2:

Clean the ionising wires:
Each strand of ionising wire is equipped with a dust removal mechanism and must be
cleaned once a week, or when the unit is producing excessive noise.

1. Lift the "cleaning rod"
2. Pull the "cleaning rod" up and push it down several times to remove the dust on the
Ionising Wires.
3. Return the "cleaning rod" to its original position by lightly pushing it into place.


Possible Cause #2:

Collection blades are jarred or removed suddenly

Solution 1:

Remove and re-insert collection blades and press "on" button to reset