Possible cause 1: Camera is not online or not set up properly.

Solution:  Check that the camera is online. Make sure it is set up properly following the instructions on the Solarcam user manual.


Possible cause 2: Notification settings in camera are not set up properly.

Solution: Check that the following areas are set correctly:



1) "Settings"

Dashboard (Homescreen) > Tap on the 3 horizontal lines (top left corner) > Settings


Ensure notifications are enabled.



2) "Protection"

Tap on camera > Tap on Protection icon (first icon at the bottom of app screen) - check the settings for warning time etc.


Ensure Motion Detection is enabled and that sensitivity and warning time are set correctly. The SolarCam will not record if warning time is set to specific hours and motion is detected outside of those hours.



3) "Video Recording"

Tap on the camera > Tap on Settings (Wrench icon, top right corner) > Tap on Video Recording


Tap detect movement.

4) "At home status"
Tap on the image in the homescreen

Make sure your status is NOT set to "At Home" - this will disable motion detection and alarm.