First, please check that you have the right size capacity on your microSD card

DriveSense Ranger - up to 32GB only

DriveSense Ranger DUO - up to 64GB only

If you're using the correct microSD card and it is still not compatible, you will have to format the microSD card. There are two ways for you to do so:

1) Format the microSD card on your dashcam:
> Go to settings:
> Select "Format SD card" 
> Select "Yes"
NOTE: Please backup all files that might be on the microSD card before reformatting your microSD card.

2) Format the microSD card on your computer:
The microSD card has to be "FAT32" format as most default settings on microSD cards are "EXFAT32".
You will need a SD card reader to proceed with this step.

We recommend using Class 10 microSD cards for optimal performance and reliability.
Using a lower class microSD card may prevent the camera from recording data. 
You can read more about microSD speed classes here: