The latest Prodigy software can be found on the product page here: 

1. Click on Download Software linked in the product page - it will automatically download the software file onto your computer. 

2. Locate the downloaded file in your computer. 

3. Right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator":

4. Follow the prompts to install the software.

5. Once installed, open up the software. Connect your Prodigy S to your computer using the provided USB cable and switch on your Prodigy S.

6. The software should detect your device and load your test results. 

Error message: vcl60.bpl

If you get a system error message that vcl60.bpl is missing from the computer, try the following steps:

1. Delete and uninstall the existing Prodigy software from your computer 

2. Re-download and re-install the Prodigy software

3. If that doesn't work, try downloading and installing the older version of the Prodigy software:

Contact us for assistance if you still encounter issues with the Prodigy Software.