It's easy! After booking your calibration on Caltrace

  • Remove all accessories from your breathalyser (the mouthpieces, batteries, pouch, etc.)
  • Pack your breathalyser in a used or recycled padded bag, parcel bag, or box. Ensure it is secure and protected (use bubble wrap or any padding to protect the unit from damage during transit).
  • Print the return label that you received from us (check your email!)
  • Ensure the sender's address (your address) at the bottom of the label is correct.
  • Print the shipping label.
  • Paste the label onto the outside of the padded bag / envelope.
  • Swing by Australia Post to send the unit back to us! You don't have to pay for postage! Remember to drop it off over the counter and get a lodgement receipt.
  • Keep the lodgement receipt in a secure place.