Forgot passwords
If you forgot the password for your ISP (internet service provider), you will need to contact the support team for your ISP and request for assistance from them.
If you forgot the password to login to your Solarcam app, you can use the "Forgot password" function on the app.
Open the DOBY app > Select "Sign In" > Click "Forgot" > enter the username used for the login > It will send you an email to reset the password.
If you don't remember the email address you used, the last resort is to sign up a new account using a different email address and then add the cameras as new devices.
Reconnecting the Solarcam
If you ended up creating a new account for your DOBY app, you will need to add the Solarcams in your home as new cameras in your app. If so then you can click on the (+) button in the app homescreen to add a new outdoor camera and follow the app instructions. When you press and hold the WIFI button on the Solarcam (like step 1 below), it would reset and reconnect your camera so you shouldn't have an issue connecting it to your new app login. 
There are also step-by-step instructions in the manual to guide you. 
If you're using your previous account (i.e. you managed to reset your DOBY app password), you'll see the existing cameras in the app, and the cameras should show "offline" because it's not connected to the new ISP. Follow all the steps below to reconnect your camera:
1. Go to your Solarcam camera and remove this cover panel. Press and hold the WIFI button for 3 seconds+ until the indicator light starts flashing in blue.
2. Then, on your DOBY app, select that camera that you are resetting. 
3. Click on the wrench icon (top right corner) and then select WIFI. Then click on YES.  Your phone will start scanning for the Solarcam (make sure your phone is near the Solarcam when doing this). 
4. After a few seconds ~ minute, there will be a pop up message to connect to a [network name-last six digits of your Solcarcam CID] in WLAN settings, with the password 11111111 (Eight 1's). Click OK.
5. The app should automatically load your WIFI settings page next. Enable WIFI and allow it to scan for a few seconds, then you'll see the network name mentioned in the previous message pop up (the one with the last 6 digits of your Solarcam CID). Click on that and connect to it using the password 11111111.
6. Then, exit the WIFI settings on your phone and go back to your DOBY app. It should now be asking you to connect to your home WIFI network and to enter the passcode. Select the correct WIFI network for your home and enter the password for it, then click CONNECTION. The app will now try to connect your Solarcam to your new home WIFI. 
7. Upon successful connection, it will go back to the homepage and say that your camera is online. 
Repeat the same process with any other cameras you have in the home that need to be reconnected to the new ISP.  
Remember to replace the cover of the Solarcam once you're done reconnecting them successfully.