Here is how to download and install the mobile app for your DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam:

For iPhone users, please install this app from your Apple Store:

For Android phone users, please follow the instructions below:

On your Android phone, click here to access the download link to our DriveSense Ranger App.  

Follow the steps below to continue:

  1. On the Dropbox link, click "Continue to website".
  2. Click on the "Download" button and select "Direct Download" from the dropdown.
  3. In the pop up message, click "OK" to continue.
  4. Once the App file has finished installing, click "X" to close the download. Close the dropbox link and return to your phone homescreen. 
  5. Locate and open your "My Files" folder on your phone.
  6. Under your Recent Files, click on the DriveSense app folder to open it.
  7. Click on "Install" to install the app.
  8. Click on "Details" and "Install Anyway" to continue.
  9. Once the app has finished installing, click on "Open" to open the DriveSense app.