On the Ionmax Breeze Plus air purifier: 

1. Switch on the device

2. Enable Wi-Fi 

3. Once Wi-Fi is enabled, the Wi-Fi icon should be flashing slowly

After the Wi-Fi is enable on the air purifer, on the Ionmax app: 

1. Select the "+" button on the upper right hand corner of the screen to add a device

2. Select "Air Purifier"

3. Enter your Wi-Fi username and password then click "Next"

4. From the Reset Device page, on the upper left hand corner, select "AP mode" 

5. Select "Confirm the indicator is blinking slowly" then click "Next"

6. Select "Go to connect", this action should bring you to your phone's Wi-Fi page

7. Look for the network "SmartLife-xxxx" (the combination of number at the end would differ from each unit) and select
8. Go back to the Ionmax app, the pairing should take more or less 2 minutes. 

9. Once pairing is complete, check the air purifier and click "Done"

Your device is now connected and can be found on the home page in the App

Please refer to our video here for step-by-step instruction