Burning or peculiar smell emitting from desiccant dehumidifier

If your dehumidifier is suddenly emitting a smell, it could be caused by dust build-up inside the unit. This could happen if your dehumidifier has been in storage for a while, or the dust filter has not been cleaned regularly. The smell could be emitted from the dust buildup being heated up inside the unit while it is in operation.


Clean the dust filter with a soft brush vaccuum, and clean the dehumidifier by wiping it with a dry and clean cloth. 

Then, leave the dehumidifier to operate in an open environment (not a closed room) for a few hours (e.g. 8 hours or overnight). 

If the unit is still emitting a smell after this, contact us and we can get the unit sent back for an inspection.

Burning or peculiar smell emitting from NEW desiccant dehumidifier

When you first use the dehumidifier and periodically afterwards, you may notice a smell coming from the dehumidifier. This smell has often been described as a "burning" or "chemical" smell - however note that it is not the case as this is the natural smell of the zeolites. 

This is caused by the Zeolite desiccant material and is NOT a sign that the dehumidifier is faulty NOR is it harmful to humans or pets.

The smell has been described as a burning/sour smell. It is normal and will not last long.



For new units, leave your unit running on "Laundry" in the garage or an open space for a few days. This should help reduce the smell.  

For more information on the smell, kindly refer to the user manual provided.