Every Andatech breathalyser is built according to the highest standards, designed to last and perform to its best at all times. The quality and integrity of our breathalysers are what gives us the confidence to offer you the longest and best industrial breathalyser warranty in Australia.

This is our promise to maintain a high degree of quality and reliability in all Andatech breathalysers to ensure that they will be able to serve you for a long time. Our aim is to make owning and using an Andatech breathalyser the best experience possible for our customers.

All Andatech workplace (handheld and wallmounted) breathalysers purchased after 1 January 2023 will be covered by the Andatech Lifetime Guarantee

Calibrate your breathalyser every 6 months from the date of purchase and we will continue to extend the manufacturer's warranty up to a lifetime from the original purchase date, as long as the calibrations are maintained.

If your Andatech workplace breathalyser was purchased before 1 January 2023, then the previous 5 year guarantee still applies. Please read on for the 5 year guarantee terms and conditions.

Calibrate your breathalyser every 12 months from the date of purchase and we will continue to extend the manufacturer's warranty up to 5 years from the original purchase date as long as the calibrations are maintained.

Fully Transferable

If you feel like upgrading before the 5 years is up, the balance of your extended warranty remains with the breathalyser for the benefit of its new owner, as long as the conditions of the guarantee are still being met. So you can pass it on or sell the breathalyser with the added value it brings. Plus, if you upgrade to a new Andatech breathalyser, it’ll get the same 5-year guarantee.

Product Models Covered

All Andatech Handheld Workplace Breathalysers are covered. This includes:

  • Andatech Prodigy series
  • Andatech Precision series
  • Andatech Surety
  • Andatech Sentry

Warranty Registration

You must register your warranty online on Caltrace within 90 days of purchase and upload your breathalyser serial number/s and their proof of purchase.

This allows us to validate your breathalyser, its purchase, and send you email reminders when its calibration is due.

This is also required for us to keep track of your calibrations and extend your eligibility for the extended warranty.

Your CalTrace account will also be required if you decide to sell your breathalyser in the future and transfer it to a new owner.

Andatech 5 Year Guarantee T&Cs


1. Warranty Policy Statements

Andatech provides a 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty against defects arising in materials or manufacture for Andatech handheld workplace breathalysers sold from 1 April 2019.

Warranty Coverage Period

The Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty commences from the purchase date of the breathalyser as shown in a valid proof of purchase.

This Warranty applies to breathalysers that are registered and located within Australia only.

Warranty Validation

The Andatech breathalyser must be registered with Andatech Caltrace within 90 days of purchase.

The breathalyser must also be regularly calibrated at least once a year from the date of purchase in order to continue being covered by the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty.

The owner may be required to provide service and calibration records, evidence of usage history for the owner and previous owner/s and other breathalyser records to establish the breathalyser’s warranty status and to establish that the breathalyser has not been operated for commercial use.

Warranty Conditions

Andatech warrants the breathalyser against defects arising in materials or manufacture except where items are expressly excluded or for which a separate warranty applies. 

Andatech will make necessary repairs, using genuine Andatech parts, to correct any defects in material or workmanship covered by this warranty without charge to you. 

The Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions detailed in these Terms and Conditions, including the sections on “What is Not Covered” and “Owner’s Responsibility”.

The Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty does NOT apply to breathalysers used at any time during the warranty period for commercial use (e.g. at events to test patrons in a financial transaction). Breathalysers used for rental or hire will need to be kept in good condition until the end of the rental period in order for its warranty to be valid.

5 Years Parts Warranty

Any parts that require repair or replacement during the warranty period as a result of a manufacturing fault is covered by the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Guarantee.

These parts include:

  • Breathalyser casing
  • Buttons
  • LCD screen or touch screen
  • Pump sensor
  • Flow rate sensor
  • Internal batteries
  • Built-in features (e.g. printer, camera)

Defects that may result from insufficient or improper maintenance or care, are excluded from the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty.

Accessories and consumables such as mouthpieces, sampling cups, batteries, soft pouches, hard cases, printer rolls, printers, and other external accessories or features that are not built-in to the breathalyser are excluded from the warranty.

Non Genuine Accessories

Andatech does not recommend the fitment of non-genuine, unapproved or unauthorised accessories.

Non-genuine, unapproved or unauthorised accessories are NOT covered by the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty. In the event of concern please refer to the express warranties of the respective manufacturers or suppliers.

Transfer of Warranty

This warranty is transferable to the new owner in the event that the breathalyser is sold during the warranty period.

The new and previous owners must notify Andatech of the change of ownership and the breathalyser must have already been registered in Caltrace and have its original proof of purchase uploaded prior to the subsale.

The period and validity of the warranty after the ownership transfer will still be subject to the original proof of purchase and the terms and conditions outlined by Andatech.

If you have purchased or sold a used Andatech breathalyser, please contact Andatech Support to notify us of the change of ownership.

Limited Liability

To the extent allowable by law, the liability of Andatech under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of parts defective in material or workmanship.

Such replacement or repair is to be carried out by Andatech, and specifically does not include any expenses, consequential loss, indirect loss, economic loss, loss of revenue or special loss, which are not reasonably foreseeable that may arise from any defect of a breathalyser.

Production Changes

Andatech reserves the right to make changes or have changes made to breathalysers built and/or sold by Andatech and its authorised dealers at any time, without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes to breathalysers previously built and/or sold.

Other Terms and Conditions

This warranty is given in lieu of all other express warranties (except those set forth separately in these Terms and Conditions on the part of Andatech).

No dealer, or any agent or employee thereof, or any other person, is authorised to extend or enlarge upon the terms of this warranty.

2. What is Not Covered

The items specified below are not covered by the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty:

  • Damage due to factors beyond the manufacturer’s control, including but not limited to: 
    • Improper operation, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care (proper usage is described in the product’s User Manual)
    • Accidents such as impact, fire, theft, etc.
    • Unauthorised alteration, modifications, tampering or attempted repair
    • Any damage caused by a lightning strike either directly or indirectly, main power surge or liquid ingress
  • Any damage caused by improper power input or improper cable connection
  • Any damage due to lack of proper maintenance and calibrations as described in the User Manual
  • Improper maintenance or the use of other than the specified parts and accessories as recommended in the User Manual
  • Normal deterioration - normal wear, tear or deterioration such as discolouration, fading, staining etc. which occur due to normal exposure, general wear and tear and usage
  • Any defects caused by repairs or parts replacements by other than an authorised Andatech repair centre
  • Defects caused by or attributable to modifications not carried out by or at the direction of Andatech
  • Defects caused by attributable to the use of non-genuine Andatech parts or accessories
  • Maintenance such as calibrations or proper care as described in the User Manual
  • Replenishment or replacement of accessories (such as the hard case, hard pouch, USB cables, etc.) and consumables (such as batteries, mouthpieces, sampling cups, printer papers, etc.) as a result of normal use, wear and tear
  • Appearance defects that are not apparent unless magnified or which are considered to be of minor cosmetic nature and having no effect upon the general appearance or quality of the breathalyser or, which are representative of the standard of finish accepted by the manufacturer.
  • Any damage due to water, flood, storm, snow, natural disasters or similar environmental circumstances/conditions
  • The fuel cell sensor, which has a limited service life expectancy depending on usage conditions
  • The PCB, which only becomes faulty if the breathalyser is dropped or impacted
  • Any repair of a breathalyser on which the sensor, password or parts have been altered
  • Defects deemed by Andatech as being attributable to the failure to adhere to the requirements regarding periodic calibration and maintenance services
  • Any economic loss, which is not a reasonably foreseeable loss. This may include, without limitation, consequential loss, incidental loss, indirect loss, economic loss, loss of revenue, special loss and other expenses or damage


3. Owner’s Responsibilities

You are responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Andatech breathalyser in accordance with the instructions described in your User Manual.


In order to have repairs made under the Andatech 5 Year Breathalyser Warranty, you must calibrate your breathalyser at least once a year from the date of purchase. Any lapse in yearly calibrations will void the warranty coverage.

You must also retain calibration records to show that the required calibrations have been performed. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that calibration services are carried out as required at the time of service.

Andatech will not necessarily deny a warranty claim solely because you do not have records to show that you have maintained or calibrated your breathalyser. However, damage or failures caused by lack of proper maintenance or calibrations are not covered under warranty. In some cases, you may be asked to provide proof of servicing and breathalyser maintenance to verify whether warranty coverage is available for some types of repairs.

For your convenience, calibration reminders and all calibration and service records completed by Andatech are kept in your Caltrace account online. We highly recommend that you register your breathalyser on My Andatech as soon as you receive your breathalyser in order to receive the email reminders and maintain proper records.

If you sell your breathalyser, you should provide your calibration records to the new owner.

If your breathalyser requires repair or service, you must contact Andatech for a repair or warranty claim.

Calibrations and repairs must be done by Andatech’s Authorised Calibration and Service Centres, listed below. This list may be updated periodically.

Warranty & Calibration

Warranty and Service

For calibrations, warranty or repairs, contact Andatech to provide your product details and any issue/s.

You will be provided with an RA# (Return Authorisation Number) and be sent a confirmation email with instructions on returning the unit to us for the warranty service. The email will include a shipping return label with tracking details.

Ensure that you use our provided shipping return label to send the breathalyser back to us for any reason. When sending your breathalyser back to us, ensure that the RA# is clearly stated on the outside of the packaging and that the product is properly packaged so that no damage occurs to the product during transit. A product returned without the RA# will not be accepted.

Authorised Andatech Calibration and Service Centres

Andatech Pty Ltd

(Vermont, VIC 3133)